The 3D Projection Mapping can be thought of as the method with which a three-dimensional video can be tranposed-projected onto a two-dimensional plane. The result is impressive and makes whole buildings (as just one example) change shape, color, fall apart and be rebuilt within seconds.

This technique has been used, among others, by large companies for the promotion of their products and has become the favorite tool in the hands of marketing experts and advertisers. Especially with the assistance of musical effts and music, the result will constitute a very exciting experience.


The assignment by the Ministry of Civilization of the design of the projection installation for the inaguration of the new Acropolis museum was both an important milestone and a source of valuable experience for us.


Other choices

The only limit to 3D projection mapping is your own imagination, and since there is no limit there, we offer a few more choices. Of particular interest is the 3D Projection Mapping for interior spaces, on walls, objects, theatrical scenes. In the picture below you can see an application for which we provided technical support for the oratiorio “The Resurrection” by Georg Friedrich Handel that took place at the Athens Megaron Concert Hall in 2011.

Another head turner is the projection on various objects using the same technique. For example, onto white cubes, as it was done for the International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” kiosk at the Route Europe 2012 exhibition in Estonia.


In addition to the creative aspect of our work, various technological equipment is necessary: Media server, HD high-luminosity projectors and sound installation.